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In the final episode of the podcast, I discussed my reasons for shutting down the show and why I believed that mental health in the entrepreneur community is a topic that needs more focus and attention (thankfully, it has gained some traction since this was published).

I asked a question at the end of the show that I believe every entrepreneur should ask themselves along the way:

Are you doing this because you find joy, love, purpose in your work? Or are you doing this because your ego is telling you that you won’t matter if you don’t?

I thought it appropriate to share the original message from the show notes rather than summarize. Note - this was not edited, but posted as it originally existed:

Episode 36 marks an end of things – an ending I didn’t expect or see coming. Yes, this is the last episode of The Mindful Creator.

After a lot of searching and reflection, I’ve decided to shut down the show and move on to other things.

So I sat down to record my thoughts on the ending of the show, why I decided to let go, and a deeper dive into this strange correlation humans have between our accomplishments and sense of self worth.

The latter topic is especially important to me, as I’ve struggled mightily on my own creative journey at times with separating my vision for success from my own identity.

With the steady climb of depression in the entrepreneur and creative communities – I thought it was important to spend some time digging deeper into this weird cultural obsession we have with basing our self worth on the weight of our contributions and accomplishments.

Before I part and leave you to listen to this episode, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported me since I launched the podcast a little over a year ago. It has been a wild and wondrous ride, and I am grateful to each and every listener and guest who has graced me with their attention, good conversation, and precious time.

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